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Independent Claims Adjusters
Claims adjusters are responsible for evaluating insurance claims on behalf of insurance companies in order to determine who is liable. They investigate the circumstances of insurance claims by consulting with witnesses, reviewing police reports, and compiling evidence from other sources. They will negotiate claim settlements and oversee that claims are paid out to policyholders.

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  Services Provided:
  • Investigate and process insurance claims filed by policyholders.
  • Interview claimant and witnesses to gather pertinent information.
  • Handle property claims involving damage to buildings and structures
  • Inspect property damage to determine extent of damages.
  • Verify that coverage applies through an insurance policy.
  • Evaluate damages to ascertain compensation amount.
  • Evaluate all information to determine how claim should be handled.
  • Negotiate with claimant to settle claim.
  • Consult with accountants, architects, construction workers, engineers, lawyers to get expert evaluation.
  • Work with attorneys to defend insurer’s position is claim is contested.
  • Prepare and present claims report to insurance companies.